At Nom Nom Asia we are inspired by the bold flavours of South-East Asia.

We draw upon the lively street food culture - but with a twist.

We bring to you the freshest ingredients and sizzling sauces to play with. Mix and match toppings and sauces to create a bowl which is as snazzy or soulful as you are. Then watch our chefs work their magic in the kitchen. Grade A Choice free-range Eggs, chicken, beef and seafood as well as freshly-grown produce are instrumental to the quality and flavour of our food. Well that and some exotic ingredients and secret spices. ( Shh, don’t tell !! ) We love our woks sizzling and our chow spicy.

How about you?​

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    A thumbs up to the people and service at this local, home owned restaurant. And like my sister said, “big things come in small packages.

    The Writer Eats,

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    A hidden gem in Al Barsha, great indo-Chinese and Thai with a twist, perfect for Indian taste buds. If not for anything else, must visit just for the fried ice-cream truly out of this world and something I haven't eaten before.

    Chandan Mathrawala,

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    This place serves very good Chinese and Thai food. I had ordered in, and must say I loved the food. I had ordered steamed dim sum, burnt garlic rice and pad Thai. Dim sum is not like the ones you get in Sikkim, the came in a sauce, quite different but good.

    Bug's Bini,

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    We three guys ate to our heart's content (in a seemingly non-gluttonous way). Yes, we could have binged more, but then this was satisfyingly sufficient.​ So a bunch of surprises led me to a jeopardy. Should I rate it 4.5 or 5? But I added that 0.5 for the courteous staff, and the ever attentive management.​ PS: I can still feel the green chilli paste in my throat, that I generously applied on the lettuce, and that's a good thing.​

    Evolving Foodie,

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    Visited this little far east food haven in Al Barsha several times, have not been disappointed even a single time. Neo Modern setting, pleasant ambiance, Great food with great flavours and staff actually serving fast and gladly for customer satisfaction. Place to get exposed to the flavours of thai, chinese and the staff can explain meticulously the ingredients of ur order...Good Job.. Keep it up !!​

    ​Reagan Fernandes,

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    What was the most amazing thing was one of the owners actually sat with us throughout and chatted us up, telling us how Nom Nom Asia came into existence and how he found his very very experienced chefs and how it all basically fell into place! It just made the whole experience very intimate!​

    @AyaashPaw: Moody Foody,

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    I hardly ever give a place 5 but this little gem in Barsha truly deserves it. The place is not pretentious and the food speaks for itself! Apparently it's a family run business and they seem to put a lot of effort and dedication in cooking the food. Be aware the food will take a little bit of time to arrive because it's freshly prepared but it is definitely worth it. The menu has Chinese/Thai/Indonesian food and it's full of delicious options. Everything tasted amazing, perfectly cooked, tasty, fresh and delicious. We also had fried coconut ice cream topped with almost and dark chocolate, super yummy!!! ​

    ​Christina G,

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    Every visit here, the staff are super welcoming and ensuring your comfort throughout! The lunch combo is a superb deal. You can have a great and full meal - a bowl of hot soup, a main dish, rice/ plain egg noodles and a drink - for under AED 40!

    Bring The Food Out,

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    With new restaurants such as Nom Nom opening in Dubai there has been a change in the menu offerings as well as the tastes, which are a delight to the palate. The food at this restaurant is good and different from the so-called Asian restaurants in the market. We had ordered the crispy spinach with fish, nasi-goreng and Kung pao prawns. It is a good change from the usual Chinese/Thai food. ​


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    The service itself was very friendly and clearly everyone was very knowledgeable with the menu as the waiter made good recommendations and advised us on what to have. I also ordered a Lemon&Mint without realising that it wasn't on the menu but they still went through the effort to obtain the ingredients and make one specially for me. No request is too much for them! Overall, a great meal and I highly recommend Nom Nom Asia.

    Rishi Parwani,

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    Fast delivery and exceptional taste! I've read so much about this place and decided id give it a try for delivery. Definitely impressed. now i can't wait to go and try out in the resto soon!..

    Darren Kaye,