And that’s why NomNomAsia brings to you, delicious Ramen Kits with precooked ingredients. That is right, no shopping for 100’s of ingredients, no chopping and no wastages.

Chef Up ! 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳 We have taken care of everything you need for a perfect Ramen bowl. Enjoy your experience with your friends, family and especially Kids, Oh Yes ! they all love playing Little Chef’s in their own Kitchens right ? 

What makes our Ramen so Special ? 

You are the Chef !! You make it Special 🥰
Well that and our homemade 22hr slow cooked broth packed with delicious meats, fresh noodles, veggies and exciting toppings give you the creative edge 😉. Assemble it in 5 easy steps in less than 10 mins. 

And the best part is that as you are the Chef,  you are in control, you decide what portion, what heat level and what ingredients go in and who gets to eat it. Just Kidding ! Don’t Share Ramen ! 😁

Go On, Order 1 or 3 or even 10 and have your midweek (I’m tired and not cooking meal),  or stock up for the weekend (house help is off and the kitchen is closed meal) 😊 

Enjoy delicious ramen bowls of Soy Glazed Chicken, Beef Briskets, or branch out with Shrimp Lomi noodle bowl and Fish Cake Laksa curry bowls mmmmSLURP!!!!! 😘

NomNomAsia’s Ramen will turn your kitchen into a RAMEN-YA! for family and friends.


UnBox the Magic

Find your Beautiful Broth and add it to a Sauce Pan. Bring it to a boil.

(Avg boil time 4-5 mins)

Add Proteins to Broth

Once you see the broth simmering, add your Proteins into the Sauce pan  and admire it for 1 minute. (Leave the Egg out for Later)

Dress UP!

Decorate your Ramen bowl (you are going to need an Oversized Soup bowl).

Add to this bowl (in order), Ramen seasoning, Fresh ramen noodles, Top it up with vaeggies, Garnish with fried onions, Crispy garlic, Chicharon, Nori seaweed and  homemade chili oil

Side and Pour!

Now slide the proteins into the Ramen bowl and then carefully pour the simmered broth into the bowl, bringing all ingredients to the perfect eating temperature. Squeeze that Lemon for a zesty ZING, Come On! We know you want to!

Chef Up!

Lastly, slice your silky smooth soft boiled egg and place on top of your Ramen.


Take an Instagram pic, before it gets cold. SLURP and ENJOY!

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